A villa on Crete

And here we are, ensconced in a villa on the edge of the village of Panormo. We’re on the north cost of Crete, about half way between Heraklion and Rethymno. There are two villas together in a big – um – field. 
We are in the front unit, and looking past us is a big hotel complex. But behind our wall:
So nice! What’s the view like?
Yes! We have bonus goats. Or sheep. We can’t decide. They arrive every morning at about 9:00 and spend about three hours hanging out, grazing, lounging under the trees. On our first morning a pickup truck arrived with a bale of hay. While two guys dispensed the hay a third darted into the melee, grabbed a critter and put it in the truck. Someone was having goat – or lamb – for dinner. 
We’re right on the edge of things, weather wise. It is mostly very sunny and quite breezy. Okay, windy, especially by the water. Inland it seems downright hot to us. The locals are finding it chilly and it has even rained a bit. Nan and I have been making use of the pool. Getting in involves a lot of gasping and whooping, then we’re good. 
Particularly nice at night time!

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