Those X’s may not mean what you think.

And then again, they may. In this picture, for instance:

The bench and the truck? See the X’s?
And here, on the city’s coat of arms:
(and yes, whole building is slumping to one side…)
These three crosses represent the cross of St. Andrew and are the official symbol of the city.
Of course, in Amsterdam another form of triple X comes to mind.

Forgive the blurry picture – they’re on the other side of the canal, second floor. But yes, the red light district it is. 
Early in the morning, late in the evening, the gals are there. Any shape or colour you can imagine. And they are dressed so that there is nothing left to the imagination. The Red Light District has been cleaned up a lot from the bad old days – one stretch of street like this has a day care centre sponsored by the Queen smack in the middle of the block. That’s not to say that the clean up has totally tamed this part of town. Between the theatres advertising live sex shows and the shops full of sex toys and the ‘interesting’ scents wafting from the ‘coffee houses’ all down the street it is clear that this town still likes to get it on and get high.

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