No, we’re not seeing things….

Wilf and I had the chance to go to Seattle this week. It was a great little break – the weather was mostly sunny and warm, which is a huge change from the way things have been around here. My mother had her 10 year/ 100,000km check up for her knee replacement. It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since her surgery. Mom was really diligent about her re-hab and her check up with the doctor shows that her efforts were not wasted. She has great flexion in both knees and there is no deterioration of the the implants or the cement holding them in place. So – happy news!

We were along for moral support and driving assistance  -between the four of us and Melissa, the GPS system we managed to get where we needed to go with only a few mis-turns! When we first arrived Wilf and I walked a few blocks to the Westlake Center. As we approached the plaza in front I thought – what am I seeing? The trees look blue:

2012 Apr 08 012

And sure enough – the trees were blue! The Blue Trees Project.

There’s always something going on in the square – some Occupy protesters, guys playing hacky sack – and of course – chess players:

2012 Apr 08 008

Just another Sunday afternoon, downtown Seattle.

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