Walkin’ the dog, walkin’ the dogs.

When we arrived in Buenos Aires, before we even got to our apartment we saw this:


Turns out this is very much a BA thing – people love dogs and live in apartments. So professional dog walkers take them out everyday for walks in packs. We see them all through our neighbourhood and in the parks:


The dog walkers often have veterinary training and are responsible for grooming and general well-being of their pack. And the dogs are just fine traveling in a pack – no snapping or snarling or darting away. Clearly they are comfortable in a pack.


Various parks have fenced areas where the dogs can play off leash or general just hang out:


The dogs here are looking at the blonde woman in the previous picture who has just arrived with her charges. She putting out water dishes and letting the dogs off their leashes so they can go for a visit.

The only time we’ve seen dogs being snappish on the streets is on the weekends. When they’re with their actual owners – who obviously aren’t the alpha dogs as far as their dogs are concerned.

Author: Sharon

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