A Day in San Francisco

We’re here – all 7 of us. The weather is great, and its the last weekend of Fleet Week . The town is full of sailors, there’s an airshow – a whole city to see.

My brother Bill asked me what was the most memorable thing I saw today – I think the two naked guys standing on the street may qualify – but about that later.

Firstly –


The cable car running down Powell toward Market.


Tourists watching the cable cars.


Mom faces down a huge Crab/Shrimp Louie salad at Pier 39.


Himself enjoys a big beer with lunch!


Well – you’ll have to take my word on this one.  The airshow went on for a long time- we could hear all kinds of things rumbling and roaring overhead. After lunch Wilf and I walked along towards Fisherman’s Wharf until we could hear the narration for the air show. The above picture is Sean D Tucker in his red biplane Oracle Challenger III biplane, spinning either up or down in an incredible acrobatic display. It was really something to see. Unfortunately just as he was finishing his performance the fog began to drift back in. The Blue Angels began their flight, but then had to cancel as the fog really began to thicken up over the water.

We managed to catch a streetcar back to town. A streetcar from Milan, Italy dated 1895, in fact, which was pretty cool. As we passed through the financial district we stopped for a light. And there all along the street were the San Francisco version of the Wall Street protesters. And right at the end were two guys. Naked as jaybirds, holding up signs. It was a long light. So I can say that they really were as naked as the day they were born – not a hair upon them. Not a tan line, either. And one of them even had some….. shall we say genital jewellry. And no, I don’t remember what the signs they had said. It turns out that being naked in San Francisco is not a problem, as long as a lewd act isn’t being committed. Sorry that I didn’t think to get my camera out. But then again, perhaps they wouldn’t want me advertising their shortcomings on the Internet. 

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