Turkeys? Really?

There are lots of beautiful birds here on Hawaii. Little rosy finch things, several types of cardinals, a form of dove that calls ‘woo-hoo-hoo’ all through the day. In the lagoon on the golf course are fish hunters that sit on the rocks all hunched up, looking, looking, waiting. Sitting there they look like old men in gray raincoats – shoulders hunched against the cold. And then they move and unfurl a great long neck – it is always a surprise.

The other morning, in my pre-caffeinated state I heard a bird call. My first thought was ‘Rooster’? Well, Kauai is over run by chickens, but no. Turkey? Surely not! And then, while we were having breakfast:



Not a great picture, taken from the third floor balcony, but trust me –those are a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys, on the hoof. Now I hear them most mornings, gobbling in the distance. Word is that they’ve always been around. Somehow we just managed to miss them for the past several years….

Author: Sharon

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