The joys of Japanese English…

So much to see and do. And reading the signage and trying to figure out what the intent was is high on the list of entertainment. For instance, today I saw this shopping bag in the 7-11 and couldn’t resist:


Don’t we all hate it being left?

We are staying at the Aranvert Hotel Kyoto. I thought that Aranvert was an unusual name for a Japanese hotel, having a vaguely French sound to it. Well, here is the explanation from the brochure in our room:

The name of Hotel: Aranvert Hotel Kyoto:

“Aranvert” means the nature of Ireland. Aranvert Hotel Kyoto intergrated the British traditioninto Kyoto’s long years of history. We provide the mixturised traditional atmosphare in perfect harmony.

Yeah. I’ll let you think about that one for a minute. (And, no, I’m not having trouble with the little keyboard on the netbook)

I do have to say that the fractured language is not limited to English. Today we saw a shop with a big electronic sign that said: Boulangfrie. The awning below said Boulangerie. Do you suppose anyone involved has even noticed the difference?

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