Reno update

It may be stinkin’ hot, but the work continues. Next up will be the prep work for the heated floor. The guys came from the tile company today to get themselves set up to begin work tomorrow. I didn’t envy them hauling every thing up the hill today, but until we get an escalator….

The shower area got a coat of waterproofing compound today:


The shower pan is installed (and is covered with a drop cloth). The surround for the tub is built, and awaiting the tub itself for further activity.


The painter was here today as well and the primer paint coat was put down. The colour is called Crystalline, and is a pale grey/lavender shade. The above picture shows the cement board unpainted where the tile will be.

There will be lots of cutting involved in the tile work, so the balcony off of our bedroom is now a work area:


I’m glad to see a tile scorer and not a saw out there – perhaps a smidge less dust will be created this way. What this picture doesn’t show is the boxes and piles of tile stacked around.

And then there’s the bedroom:


Yeah. I’m trying not to think too much about it all.

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