This or that

As a Canadian I believe I am contractually obligated to rabbit on about the weather. And let me say – this winter? OMG the rain. We had a skiff of snow and cold in October (!). And then it has rained pretty much since then. Day after day it looks like this:

2018-01-08 14.00.09-1

There is, of course, a silver lining. The firehose pointed at us has come from somewhere in the south pacific, which has meant it has been uncommonly warm. 8 to 10 degrees most days. (that’s above zero, my Eastern friends!) There is water water everywhere – lakes and ponds in new places, waterfowl taking up residence on lawns, ditches full almost to overflowing. Warm weather, lots of water – that means flowers!

2018-02-02 14.09.50-1

The early rhododendron is really early this year! There are also cyclamens, primroses and miniature daffodils blooming already.

After looking at all that rain there was only one thing to do. We came here.

Switching out cool, grey, wet coastal BC for the sun of Cape Town, South Africa. Took three flights over 27 hours and we’re a bit shattered – but here we are. Drinking cappuccino while we wait for our room, enjoying the view of Table Mtn.

Seems like a good trade!